Big Iron 5-Axis CNC for Really Large Tools

Cartesius has the best of breed large format CNC from Italian manufacturer CMS. With road size limitations our 16 foot Y-Axis allows components that can travel and still be assembled into tools of almost any size

Engineering and Milling Tools to Shape Your World

With Laser Scanning we start from a part and with 3-D modeling tools we can invent a shape to meet your requirements. With tools that simulate CNC milling path we can optimize the Milling time and assure the result.

Plug Tools or Direct Milling to Molds or Parts

Cartesius can mill 220 grit molds for finishing and splashing a mold or can mill high density composites directly to a mold. For one-off projects final parts can be milled directly.

Finishing and Production Capabilities

Cartesius can augment it’s milling service with any additional support you need to complete your tooling job. We can finish your plug, splash a Class A mold, and fabricate composite parts with state-of-the art processes..