Engineering and Metrology

Laser Scanning

Perhaps you want to take an existing part and turn it into a numerical 3-D CAD mode that can be CNC milled. With a high quality Creaform Metra SCAN/C-Track Elite, Cartesius can Reverse Engineer an existing part to make the transition from analog to digital design.

With Creaform VXmodel and VXinspect softwareColor reprsentation easily reveals the deviation between the scan mesh and a perfect mathematical 3-D CAD model. Combined with Rhino3D, hand-built boat hulls can now follow perfect lines and one half can be mirrored for exact symmetry.

When tooling is complete, the Laser Scanner will reveal the exactness of the final product. Metrology is the science of precise measurement of things and Cartesius uses the Creaform Laser Scanning system to scan the tooling or production part to determine how it matches the reference model.

3-D CAD Engineering Simulation

The Cartesius engineering toolbox includes several 3-D modeling (CAD) programs that are coupled with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) simulation programs. We can take a back-of-the-envelope concept and turn it into a mathematical model to analyse aerodynamic/hydrodynamic loads and compute performance capability. For most industrial applications Cartesuis uses SolidWorks 3-D CAD with SolidWorks Simulation for FEA and CFD.

Cartesius uses Rhino3D modeling for Marine applications. Rhino’s Nurbs Curves are ideal for the the sweeping lines of boats and automobiles. Rhino’s CFD simulation, called Orca3D, can model both aerodynamics and hydrodynamics to predict performance early in the design. With Orca3D you can predict boat speed within a few knots using standard engines and propeller efficiencies; all before you begin mold making.

Simulation a also allows Cartesius to make a structural assesment of stress and deformation. Pick the ideal composite material application for each part of your system. 3-D CAD, CFD and FEA replace physical prototyping to achieve the performance objectives.

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