Aerospace Legacy

After a couple of decades managing a lean and nimble aerospace firm that produced very notable innovations with only a few talented individuals, The principals saw an opportunity to save a really good idea and purchased the rights to clamshell design of Astro Haven Astronomical with the promise to make that really good idea the preeminent solution for enclosure of optical instruments.

Steeped in the early discipline of mission critical software and the and standards (FAR, CAS, MIL-STD, DO, ISO) that governed onboard software, these founders instituted processes at Astro Haven Enterprises (AHE) that are as rigorous as any in the aerospace industry.

AHE Launch Pad

Astro Haven Enterprises embraced the best technology and practices from the beginning and moved quickly to replace the traditional methods and tools acquired with the most modern approaches in the industry. The founders forged ahead with new ideas and never looked back; servo-driven morphing domes, servo-driven morphing domes that rotate; mobile domes, laser weapon enclosures, laser comm enclosures, UAV enclosures, counter-UAV weapon enclosures, containerized mobile domes, shipping containers that deploy as domes; and this is just the beginning.

Cartesius – Father of Cartesian Coordinates

Small and lean with a disproportionate number of engineers and advance degrees, AHE was well suited to continue its march into digital production. Like many of Cartesius’ customers, AHE outsourced the large format milling of its molds for its product line but in 2020 AHE decided to acquire this capability and, of course, opted for the biggest and the best 5-Axis machine. To offer these services to others AHE spun off a dba aptly called Cartesius Industrial Solutions (Cartesius: the father of analytic geometry and the Cartesian Coordinate System)

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